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Advanced Placement in Physics

Advanced placement in physics is possible for students who have done advanced work in high school.

If you have taken the AP exams AP 1 or AP C, you do not need to take the placement exam. Please use the chart below to best determine your first course in physics.  When you arive on campus, you will also have the opportunity to meet with physics faculty to make sure that the course recommended in the chart is indeed the right one for you.  

None - PHYS 113 or 111
AP 1 1,2 PHYS 113
AP 1 3 PHYS 114-Fall
AP 1 4,5 PHYS 200 and PHYS 114
None - PHYS 113 or 111
AP C- Mechanics 1,2,3 PHYS 113
AP C- Mechanics 4,5 PHYS 114 - Fall
AP C- Mechanics/ AP C- E&M 3/3 or lower PHYS 113
AP C- Mechanics/ AP C- E&M  3/4 PHYS 113
AP C- Mechanics/ AP C- E&M 4/4 or higher PHYS 200

If you have scored 4's or higher on the AP 1 and AP 2 exams you should take PHYS 200 and not PHYS 114. Please note that you cannot pre-register for Phys 200 over the summer. You will do this after you arrive at Vassar and meet with your advisor.

If you have taken another type of advanced physics course such as IB or A-Levels, please take the placement test if you are interested in advanced placement.

Please click the link below to begin the one-hour placement exam.

First-Year Physics Placement Exam


June 24 - September 4, 2019